Castings for mining are made from different materials, such as special wear alloys (chromium and manganese steel, Ni-hard cast iron, Cr-hard cast iron), heat resistant stainless steel and all types of cast iron, nodular cast iron, and low carbon steels.

Crushers spare parts

Spare parts portfolio:

  • jaws
  • cones
  • blow bars
  • impact bars
  • impact liners
  • rotor protections
  • hammers

Usually spare parts of processing machinery are worn by impact stresses, friction, or by a combination of both. We can significantly increase their lifetime with a selection of proper materials.

Material grades for crushers spare parts

Manganese steel is used for very rugged service; containing 11–14 percent manganese, it provides a hard, wear-resistant, and self-renewing surface over a tough unbreakable core.

White cast irons are hard, brittle, and unmachinable, while gray irons with softer graphite are reasonably strong and machinable.

Martensitic stainless steel is a good choice for a variety of applications because of its durability, strength, and corrosion resistance.

Aerofall Mills

Spare parts portfolio:

  • diaphragm plate
  • shell plates and lifters
  • Head liners
Ball mills:
  • head liners
  • diaphragm plates
  • Shell liners

Bar mills:
  • Head liners
  • Shell liners