Nickel alloys are a wide range of alloys based on nickel and other metals such as chromium, iron, molybdenum or copper.

These alloys exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance and high temperature durability, while also having other unique properties such as shape memory and low coefficient of expansion.

Samples of nickel alloys in our sales program

ASTM A494 – CW6MC 2.4856 (NiCr22Mo9Nb) INCONEL 625
ASTM A494 – CW12MW 2.4686 (G-NiMo17Cr) HASTELLOY C

NI-Hard cast iron

NI-HARD is a white cast iron alloyed with nickel and chromium that provides high hardness and exceptional wear resistance.

Ni-hard cast iron
EN DIN Other
GJN-HV550 GX330NiCr42 Ni-Hard 1
GJN-HV520 GX260NiCr42 Ni-Hard 2
GJN-HV600 GX300CrNiSi952 Ni-Hard 4
GJN-HV600 (XCr14) GX300CrMo153
GJN-HV600 (XCr18) GX300CrMoNi1521
GJN-HV600 (XCr23) GX260Cr27


Niresist cast iron with a high Ni content has good resistance to high or low temperatures, thermal fluctuations and great corrosion resistance, which justifies its technical name.

Commercial “Ni-resist” alloys make up a group of special cast irons or iron alloys containing, in addition to iron, 3% C, 13.5% to 36% Ni, sometimes also copper up to 6.5%, chromium, molybdenum, silicon…

EN DIN Other
EN-GJSA-XNiCr20-2 5.3500
EN-GJSA-XNiCrNb20-2 5.3502
EN-GJSA-XNiSiCr35-5-2 5.3505