RapidCast metal prototypes

The RapidCast brand covers the development and production of metal prototypes, from small pieces to several ton heavy castings. We use modern techniques, i.e. rapid-prototyping, which enable the production of prototypes in a couple of days.

Metal castings up to 30 kg can be cast in our mini-foundry in the area of ​​Ravne Steelworks, while heavier prototypes are poured at established partner foundries in the EU area. We also provide mechanical processing at our cooperators and final surface treatment (polishing, grinding, etc.).

3D printed patterns for one-time casting or in the case of larger quantities (over 5 pieces) permanent 3D printed patterns made of polymers.

Aluminium, steel, nodular iron, gray iron, copper,…

3D printing service

Do you need to print a larger piece? BigRep industrial printers enable printing up to 1 m3 volume and a maximum length of 1 m. In the case of longer products, the pieces can be glued together or screwed up. We also carry out the desired final processing of products, such as sandblasting, polishing and painting.

We also offer development and printing of products from special materials such as PEEK PEKK, PEI (Ultem), etc.. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a semi-crystalline, high-performance engineering thermoplastic. This rigid, opaque (grey) material offers a unique combination of mechanical properties such as resistance to chemicals, wear, fatigue and creep and has an extremely high temperature resistance, up to 260°C. The polymer belongs to the family of polyketone polymers (PEK, PEEK, PEEKK, PEKK, PEKEKK).

We use VShaper and BigRep industrial printers.

3D modeling (CAD), Reverse engineering and Product development

Reverse engineering is a method in which we scan the desired object with a 3D scanner and thus create a 3D CAD model. Reverse engineering comes into play especially with older replacement parts in production, wooden casting models and other products where a 3D model has not yet been produced. Our company also offers a 3D modeling service.

Do you need product development, from the idea to the delivery of series pieces? Our team is also up to such tasks – we offer product development from sketch, 3D model preparation, 3D printing, prototype, to the delivery of final castings and forgings.

SLO and EU proposals grant writting

The experience we have gained by managing development projects and evaluating only these both at the Slovenian and international level enables a high degree of success when applying for national or European tenders.

Our focus is primarily on the development of new products and technologies using additive manufacturing technologies and the implementation of these in your production process in accordance with the principles of the circular economy and adaptation to climate change. Our team consists of technical experts in the field of metallurgy and additive manufacturing technologies, who are also evaluators of national and European tenders.

Mini-foundry and laboratory

The mini-foundry in the area of ​​Ravne Steelworks enables the production of aluminum prototypes within a few days. We also offer heat treatment services in our furnaces up to a size of 300x300x400 mm and a temperature of 1150 °C.


  • Melting furnace Nabertherm K10
  • Melting furnace Forni Longhetti 25/30
  • Laboratory furnace Heraeus K750/1, for annealing and tempering up to 750°C
  • Laboratory furnace Heraeus K1150/2, for hardening, annealing and tempering
  • Melting furnace Heraeus 5 kg
  • Melting furnace 1 kg