Large-Format 3D printers BigRep

German company BigRep, founded in 2014 and headquartered in Berlin, has a vision to transform the world of large-scale 3D printing. With its volume of 1 m3, the BigRep ONE model opens the door to a new dimension of 3D printing, while the BigRep STUDIO enables fast and accurate large-scale 3D printing. The BigRep PRO model is an industrial 3D printer intended for professional users to print more demanding materials and larger format products.

Industrial 3D printers VSHAPER

VShaper is a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, specialized in printing high-temperature materials – it offers standard printers as well as a special series of MED printers intended for use in medicine. The working space of 420x420x420mm and the printing temperature up to 450°C with an active heated chamber enables the printing of high-temperature thermoplastic PEEK with the properties required for biomedical applications and is suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial applications. As the first in the world, they also presented 5AX, a 5-axis 3D printer that does not need supports when printing.

Calibry 3D professional scanners

The Calibry 3D team is made up of a group of exceptional individuals, best known for introducing the first wireless handheld 3D scanner to the market in 2015. They have combined this experience in 3D scanning technology into the Calibry and Calibry Mini scanners. With the Calibry Nest software tool, data capture and analysis easier than ever before.

3D printing materials BASF Forward AM

BASF invests in research and development and in the business development of industrial and functional material applications of 3D printing. Together with many specialized industrial partners, they are constantly developing new materials, integrated system solutions and services. BASF’s research and development laboratories are located in Ludwigshafen (Germany), Lyon (France), Shanghai (China) and Wyandotte (USA). They are known for their exceptional filaments, resins and powders, which are reputed to be some of the best in the world.