Copper alloys are metal alloys based on copper. They have high corrosion resistance. The best-known alloys are bronze, where tin is an alloying element, and brass, where zinc is an alloying element.

Copper is used as an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, as a building material and as a component of various metal alloys, for the manufacture of jewelry, marine equipment and coins, thermocouples…

Classification of alloys

Family Main alloying element UNS grade
Brass Zinc (Zn) C1xxxx–C4xxxx,C66400–C69800
Sn-bronze Tin (Sn) C5xxxx
Al-bronze Aluminium (Al) C60600–C64200
Si-bronze Silicon (Si) C64700–C66100
Ni-bronze Nickel (Ni) C7xxxx