The company Additio d.o.o. offers the supply of a wide range of forgings made by open die forging or closed die forging process.

During the forging process, the material is plastically transformed under a forging press or with hammer blows.

Our partners can forge steels with a carbon content of 0.05% to 1.7%, normal forging temperatures are between 800°C and 1150°C.

In addition to steel, we also deliver some non-ferrous metals (brass, aluminum, magnesium alloys).

Open die forging is a process where the material is plastically transformed under a forging press.

It is mainly used for the production of larger, small-batch forgings (over 500 kg), due to material savings and better mechanical properties.

In closed die forging, the material is transformed by impact in a closed tool, which is made of tool steel. The advantages over free forging are above all greater precision, greater productivity and reduction of production costs, and due to high tool costs and geometrical limitations, it is especially suitable for mass production.