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Large-Format 3D Printers.

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Comprehensive solutions in the field of
additive manufacturing and metallurgy.

A solution for every problem.

Orientation towards development

Close cooperation with our partners and our own development department enable us to offer customers advanced solutions in the field of additive manufacturing technologies and metallurgy.

Strong expertise

We are experts in additive manufacturing and metallurgy – from sketchup to the delivery of final products.


Our focus is on developing new solutions with use of biodegradable materials or materials, which can be used multiple times, with use of green energy.

Consulting and technical support

Our technical support is available every day a week and will provide answers to all your questions regarding additive manufacturing and metallurgy.

Wide range of suppliers

We have a wide range of top-quality EU suppliers, which enables us to meet all customer expectations.

Commitment to Quality

Our mission is to deliver high-quality products, with high customer satisfaction.



Rapid prototyping is the process of manufacturing a new product based on a computer-constructed and designed 3D model. The produced tangible prototype enables immediate testing of its design suitability and usability according to the client’s requirements. Our team will be happy to help you develop your product at any stage of development – in-house development and construction, a metallurgical laboratory with mini-foundry and heat treatment furnaces, and a wide range of industrial printers will ensure that your product is on the market in the shortest possible time.

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